Product of the Month: Fertilome New Lawn Starter Fertilizer

Fertilome New Lawn Starter Fertilizer is a must for new lawns.  It's designed to help grass seed and sod develop roots and mature stems before rapid growth begins.  It allows sod to get established and can be applied with grass seed or immediately after seed is sown.  It's the perfect product for seeding, aerating/verticut and sodding.  Come in today to get your 20 lb. bag for only 21.99.  This will cover approximately 5,000 sq. feet.

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Who doesn't want a beautiful green lawn?

Have you been dreaming of a beautiful lush green yard and struggled to get it.  Have no fear, we've got some easy steps to get you started and off to a great start!

It's important to start with great grass seed, in our region, we typically see a fescue or blue grass based seed blend used on most residential & commercial properties.  

New Lawns: It's important to prepare the soil.  The first step is to loosen up the top 2-3 inches of soil, removing trash, rocks and other debris from the area.  Next level areas where water may want to collect.  You will also want to use a new lawn fertilizer like Fertilome New Lawn Starter Fertilizer. Do NOT use weed killers before or after planting seed.

Existing Lawns: Mow turf as short as possible. Next, loosen up the top 1/4 in. of soil in bare spots, remove debris and dead grass.  Level areas where excess water collects. (be sure to use steryl soil ) Fertilize the bare spots after over seeding with a starter fertilizer.  

Spread seed evenly by hand in small areas and use a lawn spreader or a mechanical seeder in larger areas. Use approximately 16 seeds per square inch. Too many seeds close together caused seedlings to fight for room and nutrients. Grass result could be weak or thin from overcrowding.  

Lightly Drag the grass seed bed so no more than 1/4 inch of soil covers the grass seed, cover the grass seed with straw, peat moss or other products to ensure growth and to protect the seed from the elements.  

Water lightly and frequently,until new grass is two inches high. Water new grass regularly to keep roots moist.

Make sure to ask Rolling Meadows Garden Center Associates any questions that you might have. We're here to help.       

  **Note:  You will NOT want to apply a Pre-Emergent in the Spring season. This prevents seed from germinating.